SEO tips By Dalai Lama

SEO tips By Dalai Lama

This post is about the Dalai Lama of Tibet who gives tips on SEO if you have to believe? This is actually not only seasoning for you to want to read my post but in my article you will find and read SEO tips are weighty and usefull

why I titled SEO tips by the Dalai Lama because he was the subject of conversation and this could be an appropriate case studies to practice my SEO tips below:
1. Link

Problem links, backlinks, inlink, outlink and the like to be one of the main themes in the world of SEO. How does link to the ranking of a web / blog? Ngefek link like what and what not? How to make link building? Where to find the link? And other questions to be discussed for the activist SEO.

Many methods of link building which is then circulated on the internet. From the free ones like exchanging links to the buying and selling paid links.

This link has become an important part of SEO. Their influence on the ranking of a web is the reason the link to always be discussed.
2. Pagerank

Pagerank in Google's search engine also attracted a lot of online players. Because it is said to have the leverage to boost pagerank web ranking in search engines. Is it true?

If I understand pagerank make the web / blog indexed more quickly Problem affairs placed at the top or the order of most bloated by Google, I'm not sure. For in fact there are many web have a higher pagerank was losing her position with a lower pagerank.

Well then from it. If Google's own words, there are many indicators and measures to determine why a site is placed in the top rankings on Google more than any other site. I am sure that the indicator / measure that was not static but mutable. Because search engines do have their own challenges to deliver the best search results for users.

Nevertheless, the belief people have made against pagerank domains that have high pagerank has high value in the eyes of his fans. They did not even hesitate to spend more money to have it or just get sponsored links from it. Indeed this is a reality about the pagerank in the internet world.
3. Content

Content is also not free a place to talk in the SEO world. The main question: what kind of content like search engines?

"Content is king," so said a lot of people. Because content is what is actually sought by users of search engines. They look for content they need through search engines.

In general, the preferred search engine content is good content. But even this begs the question, "how good?"

The basic criteria of good content is unique and useful content for visitors. But, often also found on the internet how a content is not at all friendly to visitors. That even we ourselves as human beings do not understand well what the purpose of such content.

Being a joint question: does such a good item? Was this useful content for them?

I believe the purpose search engines and web / blog that is actually the same visitors. When the visitors web / blog you think your content is good, definitely search engine would think so. Trust me ...;)
4. Keyword

Keyword or keyword is also a hot topic of SEO. Questions like "how to search for keywords?"; "How to choose keywords?", Or "How do I put the keywords?" Is a frequently asked questions.

Keyword research and its application is part of SEO that will continue to be explored to continue to be developed. For visitors who come to the web / blog through search engines, came because those keywords.
5. Seo tool

Many tools or SEO tools circulating on the internet. From free to paid. In order that no other SEO tools to support the SEO you are doing. There are tools to search for keywords, there is a tool to spread backlinks, there are tools to spread comments, and so on.

Using the tool of SEO activity you wish to become more effective and efficient. About the analogy, if you can plow in one hour using a machine hijackers, why should use a hoe to take all day? :)

Therefore, in the business, it becomes very important investment. Not only to streamline the work alone, but more than that which is to accelerate the growth of your business.

dalai lama

dalai lama

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